We visualize and realize the full potential of your business. We make your organization strong in meeting with the market!

Our customer promise
We increase commitment and motivation of leaders and employees and get together the strategic plans with the operational everyday life.
We rely on an experience-based method which makes use of the factors which create value and result in change, including the stages a person must go through to develop understanding and which result in permanent change.
Hamrin & Partners have developed a network of senior consultants who are experts in strategy and business planning, organisations and processes, leadership and communications as well as business management. Our consultants possess practical experience as top executives in organisations and companies. We feel that theoretical knowledge is important but only if it can be constantly interchanged with practical experience
Our Values
Musicality is what we call the ability to convert ideas into action. Theories and research are important to us, but only if they can be applied to the daily work within your organisation. A pinch of theory, experience and a large amount of musicality is needed for this.
We keep our promises. We always deliver to the right person, on time. As we strongly believe in responsibility, you can trust in our promise and that we communicate what we believe, even if it might sometime be painful to hear.
It is the collaboration between our knowledge and your company’s abilities that can create a “eureka” moment and a motivation to change. Therefore, a meeting or a workshop with us will get you motivated and ready to improve.

Sture Johansson

Business developer and Change Manager with passion for people and future