What do our clients think?

Our clients include Swedish and international companies within the energy sector, construction and engineering, real estate, restaurant and hotel.

The construction company

The assignment

Unify the management group around a strategic platform which will guide the construction company over the next five years in terms of customers, organisation, product segments, local markets, management and corporate culture. Also draw up assignments for managers and key personnel, identify and implement KPIs and build support for and introduce value-creating activities which boost efficiency and perceived customer benefits.

The result

The company gained a clear course direction and as a parallel effect of the work, the group’s ability to cooperate and execute grew. A vision, business concept, goals and strategies were developed and broken down into specific tasks for each member of the management group. A common thread was established throughout the work by analysing the markets, developing strategies and conducting continuous follow-up on an annual basis. (References available on request.)