About Hamrin & Partners

As goal execution experts, we implement strategy, organization and work process in a determined direction.


We have the courage to be “unique” and find spaces no one has seen before. This, according to us, is what creativity entails. Musicality is what we call the ability to convert ideas into action. Theories and research are important to us, but only if they can be applied to the daily work within your organisation. The developmental work should never be an end in itself. It should always result in a stronger brand and a more proactive, efficient organisation. A pinch of theory, some experience and a large amount of musicality is needed for this.

Order and structure

We keep our promises. We always deliver to the right person, on time. As we strongly believe in responsibility, you can trust in our promise and that we communicate what we believe, even if it might sometime be painful to hear. Since the main goal of our collaboration is to make you and your company even better, straightforward communication with no meaningless talk is necessary. We believe in quality, order and structure. This is why we make sure always to double-check and use a “four eye system”. You might call it a healthy need for control.


Generally, you can say that there are two kinds of consultants: expert consultants and process consultants. The former hold the answers while the latter make you find your own answers. We don’t believe that one is better than the other but that a combination of both is needed. It is the collaboration between our knowledge and your company’s abilities that can create a “eureka” moment and a motivation to change. Therefore, a meeting or a workshop with us will get you motivated and ready to improve – which is healthy for both you and your company.